Hispanic Marketing

As the population continues to grow and purchase new and used vehicles, creative and valuable marketing is crucial. Understanding the culture is key. In 2020, the hispanic population is anticipated to purchase 34% of new vehicles in the US per Polk Registration Data. Our ability to build campaigns will drive branding and increase market share. Our clients do not just reach their goal but improve. In a year, new car SAAR will decline. We understand the market and how to design campaigns through digital efforts that prove attribution. Our mobile first approach will engage the consumer and drive interaction.   Our membership to the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce allows us to work closely with local leadership to deliver our promise to the community to help educate on the sales purchase process.

Sales Training

We have over 23 years in training sales teams in dealerships across the country and nation wide. There is a psychological approach to driving results in a dealership. We understand how to analyze a sales team and maximize a training curriculum that is specifically designed for a dealership. A trained sales team increases sales proficiency and revenue time and time again. Investing in training helps retain a team that appreciate ownership for investing in their future. It’s a win win situation.

Process Improvement

Let us help your team improve profit margins with higher closing ratios. Most of this can be done through improved CRM usage and we can help increase and maintain it at a higher level. Through some industry best practices and continued monitoring, we will increase your efficiency and do it without raising your advertising budget. With a lower SAAR anticipated in 2020, it’s time for all dealers to become experts at these processes.

The Right Digital Agency

Let us show you and your dealership(s) how we can help in a wide variety of ways. Hispanic automotive marketing and insights, tailored sales training, digital marketing with all the major vendors and process improvement are only a few ways we can help. Our automotive space knowledge is unrivaled, our C-Suite relationships are also something you won’t find from any other agency. Our relationships span across the country with almost all major vendors and we cultivate those relationships to access first to market products.

Next Steps…

Let us help where you see fit. email us for more